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Countdown to 1st-Ever Spring Baseball Game

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Ross, Pewaukee Prevail In Clash With Catholic Memorial
Pewaukee 4   Catholic Memorial 1 Pewaukee sophomore RHP Grant Ross went the distance and held a powerful Catholic Memorial line-up in check to lead the Pirates to a WIAA Regional Semi-Final victory on Tuesday night at WCTC.  R
Pirates Run-Rule St. John's; Set-Up Showdown With Catholic Memorial
Pewaukee 10   St. John's NWMA 0   (5 innings) Pewaukee run-ruled St. John's NW Military Academy 10-0 in 5 innings to open the WIAA Division 2 Baseball Tournament Thursday night at WCTC. St. John's sophomore LHP Brandin P
Pewaukee Offense Erupts In Win Over Shorewood
Pewaukee 16   Shorewood 9 Pewaukee capped off its regular season with a 16-9 win over Shorewood Saturday afternoon at Henry Aaron Field. The Pirates jumped out to an 8-0 lead after 2 innings, only to see Shorewood rally and get wi