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Countdown to 1st Game

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Pirates Sweep Cedar Grove-Belgium; Renz Throws No-Hitter
Game 1 -   Pewaukee 9     Cedar Grove Belgium 2 Game 2 -   Pewaukee 12   Cedar Grove Belgium 0   (5 innings)   The Pewaukee Pirates swept an opening day doubleheader in Cedar Gr
2015 Varsity Schedule Released
2015 PHS Varsity Baseball 30 Games - FINALIZED Month Day Date Opponent Time Location May Fri 15 Practice Begins Thu 21 Homestead - Scrimmage 4:00 PM Home Sat 23 Cedar Grove B
2015 JV Schedule Released
2015 PHS JV Baseball 29 Games - Finalized Month Day Date Opponent Time Location May Fri 15 Practice Begins Sat 23 Cedar Grove Belgium (DH) 11:00 AM Home (Village) Tue 26 Gree