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Pirates Win Woodland Conference Tournament Championship
Pewaukee topped Pius 5-0 in the semi-final and Cudahy 3-1 in the championship game to win the Woodland Conference tournament championship Thursday at The Rock.  Pitching carried the Pirates, just as it has all season.  Pewaukee allowed
Pirates Shutout Shorewood In Opening Game Of Woodland Conference Tournament
Pewaukee 5   Shorewood 0   Senior RHP Patrick Tomfohrde and junior RHP Ricky Glowe combined to shutout Shorewood in the first round of the Woodland Conference Tournament at The Rock.  Tomfohrde threw 3 sharp innings and was remo
Pewaukee Squeezes Out Win At South Milwaukee; Clinches Conference Title Outright
Pewaukee 6   South Milwaukee 3   (9 innings)   Pewaukee won in extra innings at South Milwaukee to clinch the Woodland West Conference Championship outright.  This was the continuation of a game that was started o