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McCarty, South Milwaukee Too Much For Pirates
South Milwaukee 10   Pewaukee 2   Pewaukee fell behind 3-0 in the first inning and was unable to come back in its final conference game of the 2015 season.   The Pirates were able to bang out 10 hits against junior RHP Matt Mc
Pewaukee Bats Bust Out In Win Over Pius
Pewaukee 10   Pius 8   (8 innings)   Pewaukee swung its way out of a prolonged offensive slump, banging out 17 hits and holding on for an extra-inning victory over the Pius Popes.   The game was tied at 5 in the bott
Pius Scores In 7th To Slip Past Pewaukee
Pius 3   Pewaukee 0   Pius scored 3 times in the 7th inning to win a Woodland Conference game at WCTC.    Pewaukee senior LHP Brandon Knoke was stellar once again, taking a 1-hit shutout into the 7th inning.  Knoke