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Countdown to 1st Game

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Pirates Ready For Rematch With Brookfield Central In Sectional Semi-Final
Pirates Ride McGowan's Arm, Bat To Regional Championship
Pewaukee 5   Waukesha West 1     Pewaukee used timely hitting and the strong right arm of junior Steve McGowan to win a Regional Championship on Friday night at WCTC.  McGowan continued his stellar late-season work, earnin
Pirates Survive And Advance; Will Host Waukesha West Friday In Regional Championship
Pewaukee 2   Waukesha North 1   (9 innings)     Pewaukee did just enough to survive and advance in a 9-inning pitcher's duel between Pewaukee senior Jordan Hass and Waukesha North junior Reggie Rappis.  Junior 1B